Dark Edinburgh Book Cover

Since 2010, I have been wandering the night time streets of Edinburgh with his camera.

Now, for the first time, a selection of his images have been brought together in this stunning 129 page A4 hardback book accompanied by words and quotes that fans on social media will recognise as his signature style.

Take a journey through Edinburgh at its most beautiful and its most haunting.

Technology by day

other things by night


Almost 30 years experience as a technologist across a range of industries


An amateur photographer, creator of Dark Edinburgh, the ongoing 10 year project to capture Edinburgh’s darker side.


Two novels with third, Science Fiction on the way.

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I have over 4500 images available for free download from MorgueFile – a free stock photo site.

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14 years of blogging – no one quite sure why

We Used To Drive To The Castle

We Used To Drive To The Castle

2020 will doubtless spawn any number of opinion pieces and spraff, would be remiss of me not to join in in some fashion. That said, I'm not really trying to make a point. This is simply to record 2020 through more recent eyes rather than let it drift off into a bokeh...

I am a student again

I am a student again

My last day as a student was 11th July 1991. Almost 30 years later, I am a student again, this time with the Open University. A few years ago my friend from University, Gordon McNeilly, suddenly and sadly died. Gordon was, in my life, unique. An incredible brain...

Moments of Joy

Moments of Joy

3rd June 1978. I am eight years old. I'm about to watch my first World Cup game live. This was a big enough occasion that exciting things happen. Furniture is moved for optimum viewing, curtains are closed to block out the late summer sun, big game atmosphere sitting...