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About Me

My name is Scott McFarlane Liddell. ( why McFarlane? read this ).

By some freak I was born in Manchester but have lived in either or Edinburgh or Glasgow since I was wee. I live in Edinburgh with my wife and family.

I now spend my working week back among the good people of Edinburgh.

To Get Paid

Many years ago I graduated with a degree in Electronics and Microcomputer Engineering from Glasgow University.
Since then I have worked in IT. You can get more details on what I do/have done on LinkedIn.

I do computers and stuff“. This means I can often be helpful with most IT issues and am always happy to help (time allowing). I do leadership, strategy, management, architecture, programmes and if you caught me in a moment of weakness I’d admit to still being able to write code – while (1){stuffIRemember–;};

To Have Fun


My second novel – Terra Exitus – has been published by Obverse Books – more details here.

You can find out about my first novel, The Beatle Man, here.

I’ve had short stories published by Obverse Books, you can find out more about it here.

I’m working, very slowly, on a few other writing projects. My third novel is called Science Fiction and it’s almost done, almost. You will get the occasional burbling on this site too.


I do a photography Project called Dark Edinburgh which mostly comes to life on Facebook.

These are videos I did for my talks on Dark Edinburgh at the Festival of Museums.

Also, many of my images can be downloaded for free from my gallery on

I’ve had a photo on display in the National Portrait Gallery. It was of my Dad. His middle name is also McFarlane.

Me and the picture of my Dad in the National Portrait Gallery

Me and the picture of my Dad in the National Portrait Gallery

Other web stuff

Many years ago I got bored refreshing football scores on the web and, from that, LazyWebTools was born. It remains very popular.

In recent years I have crossed Europe three times in a car that cost £250. You can read about those particular adventures here.

Other stuff

I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

I once sold George Takei 3 postcards.

I can often be found eating the fish in the Scottish Malt Whisky Society.

I once maxed out the score on the scoreboard on the Monaco GP arcade game.

I have eaten a cheese toastie in the board room of the largest private company in India. It was nice.

I own a ZX81, a ZX80 and an Oric 1.

I’m a typophile. I have a favourite font.

Not the Greek-English Lexicon

You may have arrived here looking for the Liddell and Scott Greek-English lexicon. As you may have noticed, I am not said book. You can find more info and links to various resources about the lexicon here.