My name is Scott McFarlane Liddell. ( why McFarlane? read this ).

By some freak I was born in Manchester but have lived in either or Edinburgh or Glasgow since I was wee. I live in Edinburgh with my wife and two dogs.

Currently on a career break doing lots of writing and photography.

I am a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

I once sold George Takei 3 postcards.

I have written code in over 20 different programming languages. Some of it even worked.

I once maxed out the score on the scoreboard on the Monaco GP arcade game.

I have eaten a cheese toastie in the board room of the largest private company in India. It was nice.

I own a ZX81, a ZX80 and an Oric 1.

I’m a typophile. I have a favourite font.

You may have arrived here looking for the Liddell and Scott Greek-English lexicon.

As you may have noticed, I am not said book. You can find more info and links to various resources about the lexicon here.

I am a Level 8 Google Local Guide. That mainly involves, for me, taking pictures of my dinner.

My contributions on Google have been viewed over 59 million times. Which says a lot more about how busy Google is rather than how good the pictures of my dinner are.

I once had a photo on display in the National Portrait Gallery in London. Here I am cheesing in front of it.

It’s a picture of my Dad. I didn’t get his nose.

Has been a busy first half of 2023. 32 years after my first degree I completed a Masters in Philosophy. If you thought I was boring before…

And then the Dark Edinburgh book won and award. Which is nice.

And then my latest novel Science Fiction came out and is now available to pre-order