Science Fiction Cover

Science Fiction

Far into the future, 2CV, the second civilisation of humanity, teems with possibility. You can choose a ‘Fiction’ and traverse the multiverse to live your best life. But this isn’t enough for Jason. He only wants one thing and she is gone. All he has left is Old Movie Club and his hapless friend Lowell.

Caro only wants one thing too, to get to the bottom of what she believes is rotten at the core of this seemingly perfect world. 

Together they journey across multiple universes and worlds in search of the truth behind the Fiction and the origins of 2CV.

Filled with science, movies and a look deep into the nature of society, Science Fiction is an adventure to the heart of what it means to be human and a fan of Science Fiction.

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Terra Exitus

We, the disenfranchised of Earth…

Following the death of his Mother, he goes to London to attempt a new life. Lost and at odds with humanity, he muses on leaving the planet on the first alien ship to come to Earth.

A new relationship encourages him to seek out like minded people and he builds a website to find others who similarly wish to leave…

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The Beatle Man

“It all came back. With a bang. Another one.” Danny McColl’s career as a Glasgow lawyer doesn’t start too well. A broken nose and a trip to the hospital. It will get worse. He doesn’t yet realise the havoc his personal search for retribution will unleash. Taking revenge on his assailants, and driven by a need to make up for his part in the death of his alcoholic father, he takes on the Finches, a family of thugs that terrorise his new neighbours. In doing so he reveals the truth behind the mysterious life of The Beatle Man with tragic, violent consequences…

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Dark Edinburgh Book Cover

Dark Edinburgh

Award winning collection of Edinburgh images.

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Shorter Writing

Iris Abroad

Annabel Regina by George Mann
Chicken Fried Banana Republic by Jonathan Dennis
The Midnight Washerwomen by Scott Handcock
The Little Bighorn Casino by Kelly Hale
How to Play Four-dimensional Chinese Checkers, and Win by Lawrence Conquest
Panda on Ice by Richard Salter
Couch Potatoes by Scott Liddell
Riviera Shakedown by Simon Bucher-Jones
Iris Wildthyme and the Colonic in Space by Cavan Scott and Mark Wright
First Meetings by Stuart Douglas
he Best Holiday Ever by Ian Gregory
The Story Eater by Richard Wright
Hospitality by Paul Magrs

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Lady Stardust

Up the Hill Backwards by Nick Campbell
Low/Profile by George Mann
Hang onto Yourself by Paul Magrs
Slip Away by Scott Liddell
Cracked Actor by Stewart Sheargold
Modern Love by Alan Taylor

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