I suspect that blogs should probably reveal something to the reader about the life of the blogger and thereby giving some sort of insight. So here goes, some actual stuff.

This week I went to a couple of gigs at T on the Fringe in Edinburgh. Radiohead and Muse. Seen them both before so wasn’t expecting to be surprised. There was nothing particularly surprising about the bands themselves. Radiohead once again did 50% of the best gig ever, the other 50% being filled with the stuff you really want to like but will only vaguely work lying in a darkened room. Standing in the middle of a field it just doesn’t do it.

Muse on the, other hand, did exactly what you are after, all the good ones. Excellent stuff.

Which brings me on to the surprise. I went with my very good friend and colleague Steve Mc. We wandered in, picked a spot and waiting for the action. Support band came and went and are not worthy of comment. Then Muse came on and the place started to jump. It was obvious that we had under-estimated the radius of mosh (the distance from the stage inside which listening to a concert becomes a fight for survival against the thrashing, spotty hoardes). I didn’t like it much, I was going to lose a tooth. I suppose it was never really my thing. After the first song, we retreated to a safer distance and all was well.

Thing is, if I want to have that experience, it will be much cheaper/easier to stand for a few hours in my living room, put the album on and listen to it while a small gang of midgets hit me with sticks while pouring beer on my head. You find the midgets and we’ll have a ball.