Yeah, we know, chaos and that.
Well no. This is a different one. Although not without an element of chaos.
This butterfly effect is all about flitting from flower to flower. And is the perfect analogy for what I have to fight against most. In short, I try to do too many things and ultimately have a challenge finishing. Despite this, I do get a lot done but in the limited spare time I have, its always easier to move on the next flower.
Not that I necessarily have the attention span of a gnat (to extend the insect thing a little too far). Those who most likely to read this know that I finished a novel of nearly 80,000 words. No small feat in itself. But, despite being ‘finished’ in one sense, it is far from complete and needs quite a bit of work. Work that I can’t seem to find the gumption to do. This blog is, in itself, just another flower for the butterfly to flit to.
Thing is, I know the problem and can generally deal with it pretty well. My list of deliverables for this week is going pretty well, although tonight could have been better employed. I am tough on myself though, I do work all day, pretty much every day, so keeping up a nighttime work regime isn’t easy, especially when there’s football on.
Still, I’m pressing on with things and the book, as decidedly average as it is well need to stay unedited for a while yet.
Thing is, I started laying out the plot for a new one last night. The current working title is “20 Questions” and its panning out quite well so far.
Oh look! A pretty flower…

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Farmyard Connection – Fun Boy Three (its just plain great and I really should have the 12″ single all those years ago)