Trawling around my PC, I’ve found lots of scribbles, notes and nonsense that were at some stage meant to appear in something more complete. It struck me that I may as well put some of them here, doubt they would ever see the light of day otherwise.
This was the opening paragraph from an idea for a book about writing a book…

What happens when you put pen to paper or type a letter on the screen? Do the letters and words appear? Can you see them? Well, yes. But what is it you see? It’s not the letters themselves. It’s the shape of the paper or screen around the dark area of the text: the ink stopping light being reflected from the paper. It still reflects from the paper around it and you see the shape of the area that doesn’t reflect the light. The light that is reflected to form the final words is already there. All the words already exist. You just have to find them.

I can see why I gave up on that, its like Abbott and Costello doing some sort of physics based routine. I can see what I was trying to say, but jeez, didn’t half make a meal of it.

Website of the Day:
SimplyExplained as a tribute to my wife who has already destroyed my points total in under a week, sheepishly, he retreats from the room, a broken man.
Track of the Day:
Tonight, the big randomizer chose Frightened by The Fall, it has to be the choice. It really is rather special. Although, I’m glad to report that there doesn’t appear to be anyone on my tracks currently.
Perhaps not a populist choice but it will keep Stuart happy and, after all, everyone likes a quiet life.