My reader will be aware that, for quite some time now, I’ve been working on a novel, The Beatle Man. That self-same reader will also be aware that, despite being finished in first draft, there remains much to do. Therein lies the problem. The editing/revision process is, without doubt, a bit of a struggle. Somehow, when you are first committing the plot to the keyboard, you are almost propelled to the end, downhill, eager. Now, there may be some people who get to the bottom of the hill and discover all that they have written is a work of instant, perfect creation. Not I.
There are a number of things to correct and, from where I’m standing, they’re all uphill.

There is little doubt that the photopgraphy thing appeals because of it immediacy. Click, good, keep. Click, rubbish, delete. Compared to months of toil at night after work…

Truth is, there is nothing insurmountable in the work that remains. A little, light plot rework, some restructuring, moving a few bits about, and a few bits to be added to provide a gentle dusting of narrative exposition to replace some of the more clunky plotting.

Despite everything, I still believe in the story, which, I suppose, is the important thing. Which should get me there, eventually. Then I can start TE, which I’m really looking forward too. You never know, it might be perfect first time out the box (pmsl).

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Tough choice tonight, the randomiser didn’t have its best night, but I will have to go for ‘Things Start to Unwind’ by Andy White