It has never been clear to me why I write. I certainly can’t remember why I started. I’m not really of a mind to work it out, doesn’t seem to matter. Why I continue to attempt to write a probably a more pertinent question. Given that it competes for time with the myriad of other things I attempt to do, it would be easy to presume that it would drop off the bottom of the list. It is quite hard work after all. And its not like I’m the most obvious writer type, engineering degree and unnatural interest in formulae and spacecraft, culturally fairly limited.
I beginning to realise that its an energy thing. There is a quite a lot of creative energy kicking about that needs somewhere to go. Recently it has been more tech focussed, sometimes to goes into the camera but writing (and often just thinking about what to write ) always gives the energy somewhere to go. It’s just a big heat sink.
I find that writing takes far more energy than anything else I try to do, which is probably why I keep going back to it. I suppose I must believe I can do it to a certain extent too. I’d hate to think that I was one of those deluded unfortunates that turn up on the X-Factor claiming to be the next big thing when they actually sound and look like the Creature from the Black Lagoon.
I’m lucky enough to have had some encouragment from articles published and a group of friends who have kept me going. Especially DM, who has been a diamond. And Stuart, obviously, have to mention him or he’ll moan.
Now I need to really get the energy focussed, I need to finish the edit of the BM.