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Posted on Oct 18, 2006 in Writing | 4 comments

Youthful Writings

A rather frightening 16 years ago, I got on a train on a rainy Sunday night to go back to Glasgow. I sat at a table and started to write. Probably the first time I had ever consciously decided to write anything. What emerged will certainly win no prizes but its probably not to be all that ashamed of either.

So, here it is:
A Typical Journey On Public Transport


  1. Shoorely “First Published On GSSEC Homepage, 1996. Copyright British Telecommunications plc. All rights reserved.

    Let’s have some Orion’s Belt, please.

  2. Jeez-o, did I put it on my homepage? I’ve been peddling the same old guff for quite some time now!

    I’m sure we can rustle up some Orion’s Belt, we’ve already had a small morself already…

  3. I still have a hard copy of OB if you need it scanned in.

    Valuable juvenalia to be sold on eBay when you’re the next Tom Clancy…

  4. Fear not rarity hunters, I have it, I have it…unfinished and unremarkable as it is…

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