Not posted for a while. Its been a bit hectic.
I’ve also started work on a new design for
I’ve unashamedly been inspired by the excellent design work on the CSS Zen Garden.
Its fair to say that my CSS skills aren’t exactly flying yet so it’s taking longer than I had hoped but I hope to have it up and ready fairly soon.

I used to find web design very relaxing, but I’ve found trying to get a CSS heavy site to work on both IE and Firefox is one of the most frustrating technical things I’ve ever done.

Luckily, I’ve had some other web work on the go and I’ve just completed a simple little design for my good friend WDG and his most excellent Cedar Nursery in Lenzie.

Website of the day:
Well, it has to be the Cedar Nursery!

Track of the night:
Olden but golden was never more aptly applied, Sunrise by New Order.