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Posted on Nov 5, 2006 in Photography | 3 comments

My Favourite Tree

My Favourite Tree

Took a very rare day off on Friday, got up early and went to Cammo in the dark. Feet got very wet trudging across the field and it was a little chilly thereafter but I did get this picture of my favourite tree. Its up on a little rise which means you can get below it and capture a good perspective against the sky.

Later in the day, went into Edinburgh for lunch and wandering around with the camera, clicked a few things. Never easy to get a unique view on the centre of Edinburgh, don’t claim to have succeeded either!

As usual, click on the images to download hi-res versions from MorgueFile.


  1. My favourite tree? You total hippy b’stard…

  2. found your picture of the little blue and orange bird on an evergreen branch on morguefile. it’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Dru

  3. it makes me happy to see
    your favourite tree

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