Dubious Honours

The regular New Year feast of honours was announced today. The usual crew of luvvies were awarded. And, also as is now usual, a few ‘common folk’ got awarded for services to their respective communities/professions. These are typically people who have had...

(not much) Foggy Photography

Despite having more time off work than I can remember over the festive period, didn’t do much photography. Only managed one trip out on a very foggy and cold Christmas Eve, went down to the bridges to see what they looked like.

Covert Spam Conspiracy

Users of GMail will know that it gives a single text link at the top of the mail, usually in context of what is going on on the page. This is a news story or other item of interest. The strange thing is that when you are in your ‘Spam’ folder deleting out...

Honorable Mention

I’m delighted to say I got an ‘Honorable Mention’ in The Everyman Photo contest landscape section. Got into the top 10 of a few of the 21 judges. The image I entered was: click to download hi-res version