The regular New Year feast of honours was announced today. The usual crew of luvvies were awarded. And, also as is now usual, a few ‘common folk’ got awarded for services to their respective communities/professions. These are typically people who have had the same job delivering post/serving chips for a squillion years and now that they are 90 they get an MBE for their dedication. Of course, you are meant to think “oh, isn’t that nice”.
Well, no, it isn’t nice, its daft. These people have been doing the same mediocre thing for all their life with no ambition, no change, not a single forward thought.
I don’t grudge them a reward but they seem, in these instances, more like consolation prizes for an unimaginitive life.
I know the idea is to make the otherwise pointless awards more relative to the populace but it would be much better targetted at acheivment rather than this dismal longevity thing.