Inspired by the ongoing CSS travails of ManicMorFF, I decided to try a little CSS tinkering with the blog template tonight. Not everyone’s idea of a quiet Froday night in, I grant you, but I find it all strangely relaxing. But only if it works, if it doesn’t work I become an incandescent ball of rage and bile.* Obviously, you would have a good argument with regards to the fruitlessness of this tinkering (especially when I have some other things I should be getting on with), but hey, some people have long baths or watch TV, I do this. Thing is, its good just how to learn things for the sake of learning them, you never know when it might come in handy. Although, you’re right, I could pick something slightly more likey to come up in the normal course of a life.

So, what do we have for these efforts? Well, we have DropCaps that can be used to start each post and the little pull quote thing you can see above. Quite neat if that’s what floats your boat. These things and much more can be found at this excellent CSS techniques list.

Next week, I will have a go at writing Chuckie Egg entirely in client-side Javascript. Well, if I don’t, who else will?

Website of the day:
Animals swearing, does it get any better than that? Thanks to WDG for sending it over.

Track of the day:
Can I just say , the so-called Shuffle mode of Windows Media Player is ABSOLUTELY RUBBISH. I now have 9200+ tracks to choose from and it just picked the same song twice within the space of 3 songs. That’s pants. Anyway, I did enjoy One More Robot by The Flaming Lips tonight. With a special mention to Topaz by the B’52’s, aaah, 1990.

* I’m not really that bad but what is the point of pull quotes if you can’t allow tabloid sensationalism to creep in?