OK so here I am on Vista.
Some first impressions:

  • Eh, like, its Windows
  • Windows Media Center is very pretty (but I imagine I can’t be bothered with it)
  • It found my NAS drive very easily
  • What’s the deal with wireless networking?

My immediate gripes relates to the wireless networking. I boot up, setup, configure WEP keys, bang, connected. Download updates, reboot, boom, not connected. Only local access to the router, can’t see the Internet. An amount of faffing about and I get back on the Internet eventually (but I don’t know why it started working). From a quick search (on the old laptop) I discover that this seems to be a fairly wel known issue. Hurrumph.

Then: Two laptops side by side on the same desk. One says “Signal strength: Excellent”, the other says “Signal strength: Poor”. The Vista machine obviously has blocked ears. I’m hoping that when I upgrade to my new router things will improve. If I don’t post for a while you’ll know that its not gone well.

Oh and that task switcher thing is largeless pointless.

So, all in all, not too excited yet. More as it happens, but I might have to post from work.