My Mum would have been 60 today. If she hadn’t died almost 10 years ago now. Its hard to know exactly what to feel. The whole Mersault thing tries to kick in and tell me its just another day, just another 27th April. But it isn’t. It’s significant.

It’s significant because it reminds me of three things.

1. How young she was when she died. 60 would still be considered young so to not get within 10 years of that…

2. How long ago it was that she died. I’ve lived nearly 10 years without her.

3. I’m reminded that I can’t really type this kind of thing without fighting back tears. 10 years on, it seems that I’m still not really over it. I suspect I never will be.

But I am sure of is this. I’m here, I’m healthy and I’m happy which is all she ever lived for anyway. So I really don’t need to worry.

Track of the day:
It has to be, Birthday by The Sugarcubes