If you want to be able to connect to a wireless network. I’ve had my new Vista laptop for a bit now and yet, here I am, on my old trusty XP laptop. Why? Because my the Vista laptop won’t connect to the Internet any more, its just says “Local Only” and lets me enjoy the information superhighway that is my router. That’s all.

Its just not ready yet. I have a new router. Maybe that will fix it, maybe I’ll never get back on the Internet for a while.

In addition, I got the new laptop as my old one struggled with digital video. I want to get all my mini-DV as DVD. Guess what? From the Sony website for my camera:

“For models with USB streaming, this function is not supported in Windows Vista”

Joy untold.

In summary, my advice is, don’t buy Vista. Nice features are all very nice, but its utterly pointless if you can’t do the basics.

Lets see how long until SP1 appears…