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Posted on Apr 20, 2007 in Technology | 7 comments

How to create a playlist of all your music in Windows Media Player 11

How to create a playlist of all your music in Windows Media Player 11

By special request for Tony C, here’s how to create a playlist containing all your music in Windows Media Player 11.

  1. Obviously, first get all your music added to library.
  2. Then, select the ‘Songs’ view of your library. Click on any song* in the list and start it playing.
  3. Then click on ‘Now Playing’
  4. Everything should now appear in the ‘Now Playing’ list
  5. Then from the ‘File’ menu choose ‘Save Now Playing List As…’ and save as your ‘Everything’ playlist.

In other advice:

  1. If you’re going to break your arm, try not to break you arm.

* – don’t play any rubbish


  1. Three things:

    1. blog whoring via useful content works better when the information you’re supplying isn’t self-evident.

    2. this Tony C isn’t all that technically savvy, is he? Is he your gardener or something?

    3. “If you’re going to break your arm, try not to break you arm” – what does that mean when translated into English?

    Also – the spam word for this comment was ‘codqim’ which sounds a little bit dirty 🙂

  2. By way of response:

    1. This was a direct request from one of my public, I was compelled to provide.

    2. He’s a drummer, nuff said.

    3. For people who know proper TV, its a Reeves and Mortimer reference. Sheesh…I dunno…

  3. Ah, fairy nuff – if 50% of your public asked for this post, then youo should of course do it 🙂

    And Reeves and Mortimer can’t spell your either?

  4. yeah breaking your arm is rubbish, but suffering a fracture of the radial head is really bad news if you like to play drums ala “ride cymbal 6 feet above the toms off to the right…kind of blacksmith hammering horse shoe action” thankfully jazzers like things a bit more compact and graceful (you see radial head fractures often result in a 10% permanent reduction in motion/extension at the elbow, which means you can never quite totally straighten your arm again..) Anyway look on the bright side I can now finally “shuffle” my entire music collection (jazz all sounds the same anyway) while my bone knits itself back together…

  5. Err… to “shuffle” your entire music collection in windoze meeja player, wouldn’t you just:

    (a) Display a list of all songs in the library

    (b) Double click on one to play it

    (c) Press the wee “Turn Shuffle On” button down at the bottom of the screen.

    Why would you bother fannying about with playlists at all?

  6. Tony will be able to confirm but I think it is something to do with some zany media setup involving a PC with no monitor under his TV…

  7. Just a thought – I was searching for a way to do this. The only issue is that if you add more songs, they won’t be in that playlist. Try this:
    library view
    file, create auto playlist
    music in library – pull down list, select bit rate
    it should default to 128, pull that down and make it the lowest possible – in my case 48
    change the name of the playlist to all (or something like that)
    then click OK

    The advantage is that it will automatically add new songs as you add them to the library.

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