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Posted on May 24, 2007 in zeitgeist | 1 comment

Answers on a postcard

Answers on a postcard

As you get older, although you are aware of your gradual change in appearance, I’m not sure if you ever stop looking outside from behind your eyes with younger eyes. There comes a point, unbeknownst to you, when other people look at you at start to thing, there’s a fat/old/grey/bald guy.

Recently, I was doing a portrait shoot and I sat in front of the camera and let my daughter click the button. I ended up with this picture:

Now, I thought this was a reasonable picture, but, quite rightly, others saw it with less biased eyes and have had a number of amusing reactions. In no particular order, I am:

Says it all when you are happy with looking like Grant Stott.

So, lets keep up coming, more unflattering comparisons please, I need to get used to it, this is as good as its gonna get!

1 Comment

  1. So there I am following links and stuff, and up pops your blog – and I think who’s that bloke in the picture?

    Not sure who I thought you looked like – but I didn’t think it looked like you, maybe it’s the lack of specs, maybe it’s the fat/old/grey/bald thing. I guess that’s what 6(?) years do to someone (myself included – well, maybe not the bald bit).

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