A while back now I got tired of hitting F5 all the time so decided to build a simple internet Automatic Page Refresher. It worked a treat. I stuck it on my website and it got used so much that I got attacked a lot and had to shut it down. That was when I moved it to LazyWebTools. It still get used a lot mainly, I think, by people refreshing Gaia (whatever that is) but I’ve also sold the occassional offline copy for people like TV newsrooms and insurance brokers. It still rattles along with lots of hits every day, but I’m bored with it now, so I don’t keep trying the promotion thing, so it makes, last time I looked, about $0.03 a day!

Its been updated a bit over time, I had to change the minimum refresh time to stop it being used for DoS attacks and I added the Automatic Page Cycler, which is far superior, but gets used less.

I’d like to think there wasn’t a simpler way of refreshing internet pages automatically for free, its not like its hard.

Since then, I’ve been a bit out of inspiration for more tools. I built a really simple Times Tables Tutor to teach kids multiplication tables, which works really well, but hasn’t taken off. Inspired by a TC idea I built CheckMyRequest, but it didn’t fly liked I’d hoped, daft as it is. It should be popular, we all get asked to do daft things every day, its perfect sorting people out in a humourous way.

So, I need to think of a new tool, if you have any ideas, let me know.

Website of the Day:
Given the subject of the post it has to be the mediocrity of LazyWebTools, roll up, roll up, get your automatic page refresher here.*

Track of the day:
Well, you can all see what I’ve been listening to thanks to my new last.fm gadgets, but it seems to timeout the tracks quite quickly. The randomiser was mostly awful tonight, but I’ll go for ‘All we ever wanted’ by Bauhaus.

* Did you see what I did there?