And so we arrive here. At the edge of a cliff.

After many years of toil, the manuscript of my first novel is ready to submit. Which simply means I’m sick of the sight of it. But I think that’s normal. I found as I did the last two readthroughs that you enter a dangerous period. One in which every bit you read starts to look rubbish and you feel compelled to change it. Its quite hard to get that balance right. A lot of the time you hate it simply because you’ve seen it too many times.

Now I have to struggle with a synopsis. I had one for a while back and it is guff. Need to start that again. You would think it would be easy. But it ain’t.

Then there is who to send it to? I’ve decided that my very first submission will be to SnowBooks. I love the ethos of their site and it means that I have already read the rejection letter! After that, well, I’m still working on that.

The best news is that the process of really digging in and getting it finished has really fired me up to write again. The plan for Terra Exitus is coming along well (although several fairly important aspects are still changing on a daily basis), not to mention the sizeable plot whole in the mid-section. But that will come when I can put the hours in.

The other night, to celebrate the fact that I wasn’t going to touch it any more, I designed a front cover for a bit of fun. It came out like this:

Yes, that’s Eurostile again (for all you font fans). Expect it to appear in self-publish format in a few months time 🙂