Sometimes I feel I little torn. During a favourite and frequent pastime (listening to music repeatedly clicking the Stumble button) I arrived at this Wikipedia page.

And then I arrive at an oft repeated conundrum. I am torn between two opinions:

  1. “Oooh, that’s quite interesting.”
  2. “What eejit spent their time not only thinking that up but explaining it too.

Generally 1. wins. That’s probably a good way of defining geek. There must be a strong non-geek part of me because, depending on mood, it can win. Another good example is this, which I watched to the end and rather than thinking “idiots”, I thought, “Mmmm…that looks like fun, not a waste of time at all”

But hey, its fun to rejoice in the weirdness of language (or the Japanese). Lets face it, there are far worse things on the Internet.