As my reader will know, I have a website LazyWebTools that hosts a number of small tools, the most used of which is a simple and free Automatic Page Refresher. I check out the website hits every now and then and, for the most part, it is gamers and the like.

For a while now, one web address has always stood out among these and today I noticed that it is by far the greatest user of the tool. The hit comes from:

“Government of the District of Columbia, Washington, District of Columbia, United States”

There have been maybe 20-30 hits from there today (a Sunday) alone. I’m just nosey. What is part of the US Government using it for? And why so many hits, are there a lot of users? I’d love to know. Just being nosey.

Addendum 19/07/2006: I’m pleased to say that the refresher is being used by the good people of the Washington DC Fire Department to monitor incoming alerts. A very noble purpose.