Busy doing nothing, working the whole day through. Which is the problem I suppose. Still, after a brief pause to well, laze about, I’m off and running with the Terra Exitus plan. I’ve still not convinced Stuart that it is worth writing, but I’m ploughing on anyway. I want to see if I can get it into a shape that I really believe in enough to dedicate at least a year or more to complete. Thing is, I know from the small amount I have tried, it will be pretty tough to write in the style I want it. But that is probably the most attractive thing about it. I have proved (to myself at least) that I can complete a competent novel. That’s not to say it will ever get published (by anyone other than me) but for the next one I know I need to stretch again and try to get something with more of a hook. And, as it happens, something a lot more downbeat.

In other news:

  • Much excitement on the Beatle Man front. Received my first rejection from those lovely people at Snowbooks. I still think they are great. It was an important rite of passage. Roll on for the next one!
  • Not forgetting my esteemed commission to write on Stuart’s blog.
  • I have started a plan for a book of children’s poetry.
  • Just got an email to ask if I would like to supply photos as reference to an excellent US painter, which is nice.
  • Think I’m heading back to Mumbai soon, which will be great. Its going to be quite busy though, so I may be frustrated on the photo front.

One final note to mark the passing of my beloved Renault Laguna. Someone ran into the back of it and it didn’t even look scratched. The people fixing it had other ideas and the insurance company wrote it off. Swines. Now I need a new car and its very tedious.