Clip, clop, ring, knock, ring, Stop mithering! As a man once said. And suddenly the blog erupts in frustration. I’m out of energy at the moment and the list of things I want to do sits before me, fetid and irritating.

I’ve got excuses. Of course. I was in London last week. I’ve had a cold this week. And its not like I’ve done nothing. Next to nothing, yes. Skittered about with Facebook and did some stuff on another blog (oh yes, another one, ssshhh, which incredibly got over 2000 hits in one day).

I also submitted this year’s entries to The Everyman. Not feeling hugely confident, but we’ll see.

I will post some photos here tomorrow night by way of an apology to myself.

And next week, well, lets not make any promises. But I’d really like to get something done on Terra Exitus before I disappear to India the week after.

Snotty boy. Lazy boy. Get on with it.