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Posted on Nov 16, 2007 in Writing | 2 comments

Marketing, Shmarketing…

Marketing, Shmarketing…

And so thoughts now turn to marketing a book. A bit of an impasse while I await all the ISBN gubbins, so I’m having a think about promoting the book. Clearly, if you write it, they don’t come, so something needs to be attempted to overcome that.

I’m not entirely clear on the plan but I’ve got a few thoughts. My intention is to share what I attempt to do in this regard herein and be as accurate as I can about the relative success or failure. I’m not expecting miracles.

Obviously, I’ll start with harassing everyone I know and take it from there. I’ve started the revamp of The Beatle Man website to get it ready for the influx of reader.

Still to decide how much of a marketing budget I will allow myself. It won’t be a lot but I think there is more to be learned from trying a few things. Should be interesting to see what can be acheived promoting a novel.

I’ll definitely NOT be buying a “self promotion kit” which seems to consists of a pointless collection of paper.


  1. Have you thought of Facebook Flyers?

  2. So how does one get a copy then ?

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