So, here we are. I’ve submitted The Beatle Man to a couple of publishers and a few agents and been rejected by all. This would seem to be expected and advice would tell you that you keep on submitting and see how you get on. Well, frankly, I can’t be arsed. Its not much fun at all. And what is the point if its not fun?

So, I’m going to have some fun. I’m going to prepare The Beatle Man for self-publishing on Lulu. The simple fact is, I don’t know if its good enough to be published or not. I think its good but that really isn’t a consideration in the process. You get no feedback, you can make no objective measure of quality, you just have to punt it into the darkness and see what happens.

Sure, I could pay one of these wretched services to read/review/feedback, but that is even less fun.

This is the plan. Lulu and have a go at whatever viral marketing I can muster. It won’t be successful, but it will be fun. Formatting/designing/the whole ISBN process. Unless you are one of the poor sods I badger to buy a copy!

I hope to have it ready for the new year. But, knowing me, it could take me that long to decide on the font for the front cover.

This is not an admission of failure*, just an admission of laziness with the process. I once read an article in the Sunday Times where they had submitted the 1st three chapters of very famous books to publishers and saw them all get rejected. Now, my book isn’t as good as any of those. Go figure.

Hey, and if its good enough for Radiohead, I can claim to be all ‘new model’.

The main thing is that I will be able to draw a line under The Beatle Man and get on with Terra Exitus, still stalled in the “WTF” phase.

* well, maybe a little bit