Well, the plan was to wait until I had all the ISBN/Amazon nonsense completed before telling people how they could buy the book and releasing it on the world but some quirks of the system have let it loose to those kind souls keen enough to buy a copy before I’ve had a chance to check that the formatting is OK.

The process requires you to make the book available before you can buy a distribution package. Then Google spiders the page and, whoosh, you can find it and buy it very easily. How long it will take to turn up? I have no idea. There seems to be talk on the forums that UK printing is a little slow at the moment.

I’ve ordered my proofing copy, so I would still recommend not to plunge for a purchase until I made sure it was OK. But, if you are feeling like a risk taker and want the, soon to be rare, edition with no ISBN number on it then have a look here.

I’m not getting anywhere fast with distribution. I ordered the distribution package on 15th November and have heard nowt since (despite repeated attempts to find out what is going on). I will collect all my experiences to date in a later post.

So, thanks to you 3 bold adventurers that have taken the plunge so far.