I‘m not one for New Year resolutions. I have always contended that if you want to do something, just do it. Don’t wait for an arbitrary point in time start. (Same goes for the “I’ll start my diet next week” crowd).

So, instead of resolutions, I thought I list some things I would like to achieve in 2008 and see how I do against that list this time next year. Here goes:

1 Great Photograph
I’m giving myself a whole year to take 1 great photograph. That’s all I want. Just one. Bearing in mind that, despite already having taken 1000’s of photographs already, I still haven’t managed one.

100 Sales
I’d like to sell 100 copies of The Beatle Man. I’ve no idea if this is a realistic target or not. I suspect it depends on whether or not I have 100 friends or family with more disposable income than sense. To help me along, I’m counting the 4 I’ve sold already. 96 to go.

1 Draft
I’d like 2008 to be the year I did the 1st draft of Terra Exitus. I don’t think I can get anywhere near finishing it in a year, but hopefully I can get most of it down.

1 New Job
As with the last few years, I enter the New Year unsure of where I will be working in a year’s time. I think its more likely this year that I’ll be doing something different in 12 months time. Over-inflated offers on a postcard…

No Alarms
1997 was a very tough year for me. When I entered 1998 I used the line “No Alarms and no surprises please” as a motto. 10 years on, I see no need to change that. The main thing from this year is that we are all fine and dandy and ready to laugh at my failures on the preceeding points. Hopefully they’ll sing it live in June.