You don’t expect too many benefits from the Winter Vomiting Bug. OK, the weight loss is nice but probably not all that healthy. No, in this case I refer to last Saturday when, sadly, my daughter had been sick so we were quarantined from visting people. Because she was quite well and energetic we went to the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh. Turned out to be a lovely day.

As I’m currently fixated with HDR, I spent the today with the camera permanently on the tripod* (which is easy with so much space). The light was universally fantastic and I got some very nice shots. One of which made it onto the BBC Website (no. 11). I don’t mind linking to them, always good to get traffic to new, upcoming sites.

Click to download hi-res images and see others in the same series

The HDR approach certainly helped with handling some pretty severe light at times. The low winter sun is great but some of the shots would have been impossible without the post-processing tonemapping trickery.

So, the vomit bug ain’t all bad…

On Friday, I also found out that the BBC had used another of my images for a while. Very nice indeed.

In other news, I won “Best of the Week” for the 2nd week in a row on Ipernity. Thanks to everyone there. One of the Botanic Gardens series is in the competition for the hat-trick!

* I have a monopod now so I’m looking forward to trying that