Much as I understand I may be opening myself to ridicule from some quarters, I thought it important to talk of my first ever yoga experiences on Friday night. So, if you dare risk losing your lunch to imagine the scene, read on…

I have a foot problem which means I’m quite creaky on occasion. My last visit to the podiatrist resulted in a recommendation to do a lot of stretching and a suggestion that yoga might help. Now, given that my wife is a yoga instructor, it does seem like the fates were always ganging up on me to give it a go.

I have resisted for quite some time. It’s the all the spiritual nonsense in yoga that puts me off a bit, but the fact that I knew I would find it next to impossible was probably the bigger factor.

So, I finally gave it a go and it was every bit as hard as I thought it would. It seems that I am only vaguely human. Even bits of me I thought were OK failed me horribly. My shoulders, for example (which have never been a problem), were unable to get my arms into seemingly straightforward places. It was a very odd experience. I was essentially doing nothing much, just getting myself into various positions, but it was unbelievably knackering.

It really is very good stuff. You can feel how well the very positions have been thought through as bits of you you had forgotten about start to stretch and wail. So, if I have ever given the impression that I thought it was a lot of WOP then I apologise. Obviously, I can do without the meditation and plinkyplonky stuff, but it might just get me walking a bit better. Which can’t be bad. Don’t be surprised if my next blog post is with a leg in traction.