It is too easy to mask lack of progress behind an “I haven’t really started yet” excuse. So, with The Beatle Man winging its way to the dark corner of a server somewhere*, it is time to finally declare that work on Terra Exitus has begun. I’ll be able to look back at this post and work out how long it took.

I do this with some trepidation as it feels like standing at the bottom of a big hill (again). Although I am far better prepared this time and have a much better idea of how to get to the other side. Obviously, some people, have expressed reservations about the plot, which I will try to overcome. I’m now at the stage where I need to commit to it and see how it starts to pan out. In many ways, it will be much harder to write than The Beatle Man which is why I’ve decided to be much more freeform in how I approach it.

Expect the “I’ve done nothing” posts to start some time soon!

(50 geek points to anyone who can tell me what the title of this post refers to.)

* an alternative “Well of Lost Plots” (ffanks Jasper)