I was wandering the aisles of a record store on Saturday looking at how cheap all the great albums I already own are. It occurred to me that you could get pretty much everything you really needed by way of entertainment for not very much these days.

So, I dreamt up this challenge. The rules are very simple, viz:

You are about to go to a desert island forever. You have £50 to spend on Amazon. You can only buy books, CD’s or DVD’s (assume that you can play such on this mystical isle). This will be all the entertainment you will have on the island for the rest of your life.

What would you spend it on? You can make use of any available offers at the time of purchase and assume free postage. You must provide links to the items and their prices.

So, Dear Reader, I look forward to your answer…

*** Edit *** Here are my choices ( 24/06/2008 ). It’s not as easy as I thought, I would change this daily I think:


The Big Lebowski 3.97
Aliens 3.97
Apollo 13 3.97
Goodfellas 4.97


Suede – Dog Man Star 5.97
Radiohead – OK Computer 4.97
Smiths – The World Won’t Listen 4.98 ( a compromise based on the prices available )
Debussy – Best Of 4.97


HG Wells – Time Machine/Invisible Man 2.50
Zola – Germinal 3.59
Umberto Eco – The Name of the Rose 5.59

Total: £49.45