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Posted on Jul 21, 2008 in Photography | 3 comments

Meanwhile, somewhere in the East…

Had a play with TinEye today. It was really quite nice. Given that I have so many pictures littered over the internet, could be a very useful tool for finding out what people are using them for (aside from the kind souls that tell me).

I think the range of searching is still quite limited, but I was still able to find lots of my photos being used in places I hadn’t seen before. Although I understand the idea behind how it might work, it is still pretty impressive.

Here’s a good example. I didn’t know that my robin photo had been made into one of those cool chimera things at Human Descent, here it is. I found this with TinEye (well, actually, mainly lots of reposts in Russia by people that stole it and put it on their site). It found it even though the image is quite a bit changed from the original.

And someone at HP seems to really like my fruit because it seems to be in quite a few places. So do Channel 4, in the guise of that odious jobbie woman. Star fruit, who knew. I think I might end up playing with TinEye for hours.

One last thing, I give you this example and ask you, dear reader, to try and work out what on earth this story could be about. Suggested translations of the headline please!


  1. “Middle eastern transsexual menaced by giant fat head”?

  2. Fantastic!

    Scootster as visual representation of the corrupting influence of technology on impressionable young eastern wimmin.

    An excerpt from the google translation:

    “This Internet ‘catastrophe’ .. Which entered people’s houses and opened in front of older adolescents and young .. In the face of women. Of housewives and girls innocent .. The one-click keys on the computer .. Find themselves at a moment within a single obscenity and pornography sites .. The white slavery rings .. Black!”

    Tee hee. I imagine that there’s a fatwah on you even as we speak. No wonder you’re trying to cover your face. You’re a bad bad man!

  3. Look, I stole her fruit and still I have my hands.

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