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Posted on Nov 4, 2008 in Writing | 6 comments

A Word from our Sponsor

A Word from our Sponsor

I would like to take a few moments to suggest you check out the most excellent NewsBiscuit book, Isle of Wight To Get Ceefax. If you’re not familiar with NewsBiscuit it is a UK focused satirical website (much in the style The Onion). This book contains the best from the site and is a perfect gift for Xmas in that coffee table book style.

The book itself is really well produced and looks great. I know this because I received my complimentary copy today. It is hardback with colour and images and…

Hang on“, I hear you interrupt, “your complimentary copy? How so?
Oh“, I reply, “Didn’t I mention that I had a story in it?
No you didn’t“, you continue, astonished, “Did you get paid?
I will receive some recompense, yes.
But won’t that make you a professional satirical writer?
Well, I rather suppose it does.

But seriously, it is genuinely funny, despite my very short and heavily abridged contribution. I encourage you all to check it out.


  1. I don’t suppose I can afford you now for my new fiction imprint, can I?

  2. not a problem, I always like to help the up and coming new businesses in the industry – but I will insist on my photos on the cover 😉

  3. But all your pictures ar eof your emotional depressed/physically abused/hot divorcee wife – I’m not sure they’d fit into a series about a n old lady travelling the universe in a magic bus?

  4. loving the fact that 18months on stuart is as faithful as ever in posting a comment on Fidel’s blog…..
    how are ya fellas?

  5. It’s the Italian Stallion himself!

    And I promised Scott I’d commment on every single asinine thing he says, in return for which he doesn’t charge me petrol money for driving me to work every day.

    How’s life in the Glesga fast lane?

  6. not bad not bad, drowning in a sea of home redecorations..planning to come out and visit you boys soon, be well

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