I would like to take a few moments to suggest you check out the most excellent NewsBiscuit book, Isle of Wight To Get Ceefax. If you’re not familiar with NewsBiscuit it is a UK focused satirical website (much in the style The Onion). This book contains the best from the site and is a perfect gift for Xmas in that coffee table book style.

The book itself is really well produced and looks great. I know this because I received my complimentary copy today. It is hardback with colour and images and…

Hang on“, I hear you interrupt, “your complimentary copy? How so?
Oh“, I reply, “Didn’t I mention that I had a story in it?
No you didn’t“, you continue, astonished, “Did you get paid?
I will receive some recompense, yes.
But won’t that make you a professional satirical writer?
Well, I rather suppose it does.

But seriously, it is genuinely funny, despite my very short and heavily abridged contribution. I encourage you all to check it out.