Now, you could argue that as my attempt at setting a set of public goals ended up with mostly failure in 2008, I should perhaps hold off on any bold pronouncements in 2009. Nay not so. The process is valid, even if I failed it.

So, here they are, the 2009 goals – a few are carried over – some are new.

1. Throw Some Stuff Out
You may think that I’ve added this in specifically so I could get an easy pass. Au contraire Blackadder. Now, I admit, as a measurable goal ‘some’ does leave some wriggle room. So I’ll add something more specific. I should have enough space in my garage to setup of my photo studio stuff and use the largely abandoned collection of gym equipment. This will involve taking on the evil triumvirate of garage/shed/attic.

2. A Great Photo
Yes, here it is again, hung over from last year’s fail. I should start every year with this goal. Perhaps even after I have (hopefully) achieved it.

3. A Complete First Draft
And yes, another fail from last year. I have to be honest, if I manage even half of this in 2009 I’ll be astonished. It looks like it could be a very busy year so I don’t know where the time for this will come from. But still, have to have a go…

4. Sell Film Rights for The Beatle Man
Only kidding… but surely it would make a half-decent Taggart!

5. Spend Less Money
A fairly straightforward thing to do (hopefully). A few reasons for this but the main one being a strong desire to convert the attic into a bedroom. Terribly mundane I know.

6. Lose Weight
And talking of mundane, a new year fave for all. Yes, well, I’m entering my 40th year tomorrow and its my last chance to avoid being fat and forty. Although the main reason is to take some of the strain/pain off my bad feet. Mobility isn’t all it should be. Target? Erm… a stone lighter. Stop me if I’m getting too interesting.

7. Time Division Multiplexing
I started to try to do this last year with varying success. I need to be more strict about it this year. Generally speaking, I try to do too much and end up achieving less than I should as result. I aim to resolve this by being stricter on time allocation. Time will be designated for certain things and kept to as rigidly as possible.

8. No Alarms
Obviously, you have to end with this, the hope for every year.