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Posted on Feb 1, 2009 in Technology, Writing | 0 comments

Luckily It’s All About The Art

When it comes to reward for effort, writing a book has to feature at the very lowest reaches of the league table. Months of effort and toil on The Beatle Man and I get 46p for every copy sold on Amazon (or other sites). I’m not complaining, such is the way…

Recently, I was playing about with the Amazon Affiliate widgets (as is my wont, I like a widget) and I set up the links (on here and elsewhere) to allow people to buy the book via my site. Some kind person did and I got 50p for it.

So, 2 minutes of effort to put a link in a blog produces more reward than months of writing. Obviously, it’s not about the money, as Stu and I have been discussing a lot of late, it’s much more about the cheapies. So, I’ll keep writing, and maybe add some more links!

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