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Posted on Aug 7, 2009 in meme, zeitgeist | 4 comments

Soundtrack of Your Life

If they made a film of your life what songs would you have in the soundtrack for which scenes? It was a sunny Friday drive to work today and the Shuffle Gods chose Mornington Crescent by Belle and Sebastian. It seemed to fit perfectly. Albeit the lyrics didn’t quite work, I’ve not got a job for a Senegalese (nor, indeed, am I in nip). No matter. Had I been filming that scene for an autobiographical movie, that would have been the musical accompaniment.

So, today’s Friday Fun meme is, think of a scene(s) from your life and what song would you’d play over the top. I’m thinking more stylistically rather than literally but you can walk round an Aston Martin garage listening to “I Want The One I Can’t Have” by The Smiths if you’re not feeling to imaginative.

My film would definitely have a scene where I’m driving in the dark listening to There There by Radiohead. I’m sure Long Snake Moan by PJ Harvey would appear at some point too. 🙂


  1. Musette and Drums by the Cocteau Twins, while sitting on a case playing cards with some random squaddies on a packed New Year's Day train to Oxford.

  2. Miles Davis' Birth of the Cool as I came out of the Greyfriars Bobby pub in a faintly blue, drizzling twilight, full of beer and poppers and smoking a Gitane, like someone from a moody French movie.

    I remember thinking at the time that it really need a jazz soundtrack.

  3. please, please, please let me by The Smiths. Imagine Dubrovnic by the harbour, the sun has just set and suddenly you are surrounded by a Croatian model photoshoot…
    I know its so implausible!

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