I‘m sure my reader would easily have guessed about 75% of these or more. I stayed honest and went for my favourites films to watch, rather than those I pretend to like for the purposes of appearing cool. It was a struggle, I think I need to know about 48 hours before I go as I’ve had to cut out too many good films.

The Big Lebowski
You need to get off to a flier and I thought I’d start with probably my favourite film. I think there is a Facebook group called something like “I judge people by their appreciation of The Big Lebowski” – couldn’t agree more. If you haven’t seen it, well, come now. Get on with it. I need to know what I think of you.

Just to show how great the dialogue it, it still very funny performed by 3 animated rabbits. Obviously, contains very strong language.

117 minutes used so far.

…And Justice For All
There are many great Pacino films to choose from, Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico etc etc but this has always been my fave. Probably not as famous as his other performances (although he did get an Oscar nomination for it). It’s a slightly offbeat lawyer/courtroom thing with many great moments and a fabulous ending. Top (ahem) trivia fact, when I was starting writing The Beatle Man, I made Danny a lawyer because of this film.

119 minutes, 236 used so far.
Star Trek II – Wrath of Khan
When a film is this good when you are 12, it will stay with you all your life. And, here in the (pretend) last hours of mine, it is only fitting that it should take it place. All of us of a certain vintage have a soft spot for this film. And those that haven’t only say they haven’t.

Altogether now…

( you have totally ignore the fact that Kirk had no reason to go this radge coz, unlike the viewer, he knew he was getting out of the cave… oh, never mind… )
113 minutes, 349 minutes used so far.
Apollo 13
Yes, yes, I know, I’m predictable. I’m ready for your ridicule, I don’t care. It’s a great film of a great story.

140 minutes, 489 minutes used so far. I may get up and stretch my legs.
You could easily go for a number of Scorcese films but this is my favourite (as measured by the number of times I’ve watched it).

146 minutes, 635 minutes used so far.
Having recently seen Avatar, I was tempted to throw it in in place of this. But I have to stay loyal to a film I have watched a bizillion times and pretty much know off by heart. It’s flawed, looks a little dated these days but is still a lot of fun.

137 minutes, 772 minutes used.
I think I was about 11 when I first saw Zulu. I remember being fairly blown away by it then. I suppose now it shows its age a little but it is still a great film. It is a great story although made bigger than it really was by a need to gloss over what had happened at Isandlwana the day before. To a certain extent, the film is guiltly of continuing this. No matter, still love it, one of the first films I got on Blu Ray.

138 minutes, 910 minutes used.
Inglourious Basterds
It is incumbent with all “Best of…” type things that they get skewed towards the now. There is no reason why this should be any different. One of my favourite films of the year (with A Serious Man and Avatar) but this makes the list ahead of them just for the Cat People scene alone. Just brilliant cinema. I would love to have gone with A Serious Man but, frankly, I couldn’t bring myself to watch it on my death bed. Not without a Rabbi handy anyway.

153 minutes, 1063 minutes used.
Silence of the Lambs
This is a firm fave of my beloved wife and I. It’s the romance you see? Anyway, dunno who many times we’ve watched it but she always wins the ‘spouting the dialogue’ competition ( I can kick her arse with every other film in his list ). Personal reasons aside, it’s a great film. I totally loved the twisty bit first time I saw it and, more top trivia, it was the kind of thing I tried (and didn’t quite manage) in The Beatle Man. This film made me try though.

Pure West Virginia…
146 minutes – 1209 minutes used.
Another big fave of me and the missus. You gotta love that epic Roman romp thing. I just wish it had been made with the original ending. My name is Gladiator…

155 minutes – 1364 minutes used.
Life of Brian
I nearly had A Matter of Life and Death as my last film, coz it’s great. But it’s maybe a wee bit too much about heaven and the like.
I liked the idea of “Bright Side of Life” being the song that sung me unto my death, so that had to be last. I also like the final irony of the fact that, as I’ve gone 18 minutes over 24 hours, I might die before the song. That’s not the only reason though. A few scenes can still make a laugh a lot, especially this one.

94 minutes – 18 minutes too much!

So, there it is, another list I’d probably change tomorrow. Really regretted leaving a large number out but I stuck to my guns and didn’t go all cool for the sake of appearances.

And with that, I sign off the blog for 2009. Happy New Year all.