I struggled for about 23 seconds to come up with my regular (ahem) end of year blog meme. Could I top the previous success (ahem) of the Desert Island C90 at the end of 2008 or the infinitely forgettable Best Album Tracks of 2007 (or the Amazon £50 challenge I chucked in at some point)? Shouldn’t be hard, some might say.

This year, I thought I would stay away from music and try something in movies. So here it is…

You have 24 hours to live. What films are you going to watch to fill the time? Yes, yes, I know, you’d want to spend your time the family/high class hookers etc but work with me here… it’s just a game, go with it.

Once again, I’ve made this take so incredibly long that only the deranged/devoted/bored will be bothered giving it a go. Again, you have to think about value for time and you should ideally focus on the films you would want to watch, not just those that make you look cool in a list.

It’s best to fill the 24 hours ( you don’t want to waste precious time ), so going a little bit over seems acceptable. After all, when are Doctors ever that accurate. I’m sure you could hang on that final 30 minutes to find out who is the Dad in Mamma Mia. Also, you would gain some time back but chopping the credits.

As an aid, 24 hours is 1440 minutes and IMDB will give you the official film lengths.

So, get a couple of big bottles of juice, a 24 pack of crisps, 6 pork pies and bucket to pee in and off you go….