The time has come to see how I did against my goals for 2009.

1. Throw Some Stuff Out
As previously reported, this went well, although their remains much to do. The garage still has to be reclaimed. But work has started on recovering some storage space.

2. A Great Photo
Still don’t think I nailed it but had a lot of fun taking photos this year.

3. A Complete First Draft
I gave up on this fairly early on this year. There is now a very robust writing plan for next year and a shiny new iMac to write on in a lovely yellow study with fairy stickers on the wall. There can be no more excuses. I still have doubts about Terra Exitus but I’m going to give it a serious go…

4. Sell Film Rights for The Beatle Man
This one was only ever here as a joke. I still think there is a good episode of Taggart in there though.

5. Spend Less Money
Well, this was a largely a fail but there was some sensible spending and the house is a lot better and we had a nice holiday.

6. Lose Weight
Panic set in after going to Italy. I was back to a record high weight. So I went on a bit of a diet and it worked. I’ve taken a few backward steps over Christmas but I have found hitherto undiscovered discipline and can stop eating chocolate at will and have found a taste for muesli. Who knows, I might even do some exercise.

7. Time Division Multiplexing
Needs more work but I have a plan, so that’s a start.

8. No Alarms
Fingers crossed. We’re alarm free.

9. The Photo Project
Approaching the start of success of a sort. I got the website live and started the first projects and got an excellent response with a large number of photos donated. I’ll be building the first book very soon. Which is quite exciting really. Thanks to all who have helped and supported.

10. More Writing
I did the sensible thing for this year. I gave up. Going to start afresh with a gang of four separate things to write. I’m working on the basis that I might just be arsed with one of them at any given time. I’m already 25% through one and 80% through another so it’s not that high a hill to climb.

I’m not going to set any specific goals for 2010. As blog content goes, I’m finding it a little dull. I know what I want to write, I might need to think about a new job at some point but other than that, I’m just going to try and relax and enjoy myself. Something I’m traditionally not all that good at.

Oh, and next year, I will be mostly 40… more on that later no doubt.