Many moons ago, I wrote herein about my tendency to flap about like a butterfly. The truth is, I never really conquered that, until now. The butterfly is dead. Finally.

Sorry pal… (click to download hi-res free from MorgueFile)

This isn’t a New Year resolution. Don’t do those. Leading up to New Year, I have been planning all the things I want to do next year. There is a list. Nothing else is allowed on that list until something completes (or I bin it in a big hissy fit). I will allow left-field antics to jump in on an opportunistic basis but only if they are clearly more desirable that the stuff on the list and I’m happy to bin something.

The only issue is that it is a pretty big list. It has to be, otherwise I’d let new stuff appear.

I’m mentioning this here purely so @manicmorff and @stuartamdouglas can keep an eye on me. And also because I just caught myself researching writing a REST API based widget dofer for 30 seconds and had to give myself a row. It worked. The butterfly is dead.