When you’ve nowhere to go and nothing to do the snow is a wonderful thing. Had a great couple of days out and about in the snow with the camera(s). Here is a quick selection of the photos. I’ve thrown in a (short) video as a wee test. It’s Full HD taken with a wee Kodak Zi8, quality looks ok but the camera work is a little ropey.

Day 1 – Edinburgh and The Meadows

A fairly standard shot of Calton Hill.

A very snowy Arthur’s Seat from The Meadows.

You can’t really resist the perspective of the tree lined avenue.

Works well in black and white too. This is a GormanHolbert conversion.

Day 2 – Botanic Gardens

It’s not easy to do this shot of the castle in any kind of new way. I tried. Didn’t really work!

I saw someone taking this shot through the trees. So I waited until they were gone and did the same. Thank you unnamed stranger. This is St. Mary’s Cathedral in the distance.

The wildlife was being very amenable. I saw this wee guy from inside the terrace cafe. I went outside to catch up and he not only hung about but set very close and very still.

This squirrel was happy to pose too as he had a pile of food to get through.

St. Mary’s again, this time with dramatic sky in the background.

And here’s a wee video. I need a steadier hand but the Zi8 seems to work OK and scores very high on convenience. Got a great film of the family snowball fight that broke out.