I read last week that we’ll run out of IPv4 addresses sometime next year. That means there are approaching 4 billion devices connected to the Internet which, of course, means that there are rather a lot of web sites in the world.

Against that backdrop, it occurred to me that I didn’t really visit all that many of these and, in fact, I actually stuck to a very small Internet world.

This post is to record the sites that are in my Internet world so I can compare and contrast in the future. I know that the ‘world’ has already changed a bit over time.

Daily Use

Gmail – now my primary email
Hover email – for my other, more private, email account

Social Media
Daily Use

twitter.com – although generally accessed via apps

– I still visit Facebook but not that much – I generally find it a bit annoying
– as the need arises
www.linkedin.com – visit occasionally

Daily Use
Google – but only via tool bar

Daily Use

www.morguefile.com – visit daily to upload new images and check on stats and forum
www.blipfoto.com – a recent addition to the world, daily visit for obvious reasons

– visit a few times a week – still a good place to see great photography
www.sxc.hu – don’t visit as often as I used to
www.rgbstock.com – a new entrant, portfolio is building up there
www.flickr.com – mainly for Photo Project work

Daily Use

www.bbc.co.uk – the only place I go for news – often before I get out of bed
www.newsnow.co.uk – for football news on Man United

Daily Use
www.evernote.com – got a good bit of organisation going in Evernote
– usually have a look at web site stats once a day at least ( I look at Google Analytics rarely )

www.bimbogami.co.uk – check the back end stats a few times a week to see new people joining to do the puzzles
www.amazon.co.uk – occasional glimpse to see if anyone has bought a copy of my book 🙂
www.wikipedia.org – well, you have to doncha? use the toolbar search quite a bit
– still hit the Stumble button when I’m bored

**edit** www.ebay.co.uk – DoogzR is right, I use EBay quite a bit!

I suppose one question is, where else should I be going?

Be interesting ( to me at least! ) to see how/if this changes over time.