Last Thursday I decided to get a wee Blu-Ray to watch on Sunday night. So, I dived onto Amazon, quick order and as I used Amazon Prime I get quick delivery. I did pause and wonder if I would be better to order on Friday but went with moment.

Amazon were super quick and I got the email saying it had been dispatched that night. And, unsurprisingly, when I arrived home on Friday, I found I had missed the Citylink delivery and they would retry the deliver on Monday. I greedily ordered a book with the Blu-Ray so I think this may have caused it to go via Citylink, not sure.

Anyway, Monday came and went and as it was a bank holiday, no delivery. Lo and behold, I clearly missed the re-delivery on Tuesday. So, here I am, on Wednesday with a card in my hand staring at the wonderful detour home via the wonderful ( I have to say that for family reasons ) Citylink depot in Livingston ( if I didn’t work in Livingston this would be really very painful ).

So, six days after my order, despite everything working as per plan, I will eventually have my order in my hand. And it is pretty much all my fault for going out to work.

This isn’t a complaint. Both Amazon and CityLink did everything you’d expect of them. I’m writing this out to demonstrate to myself that I need to think more about these things. I was in the Gyle on Saturday, for a couple of quid more, I would have already seen the film I wanted to see on Sunday night.

If I had waited and ordered it on Friday ( and trusted Amazon to be quick, which they were ), I might have got it in Saturday ( although I’m not entirely sure as Citylink didn’t retry on Saturday ). Had it been ParcelForce, I could have picked it up on Saturday morning ( maybe, I may have got the mysterious “it’s not back yet” thing that they do sometimes ).

If I had only ordered the Blu-Ray would I have had it by now? Maybe not, I seem to remember that when Amazon deliver via ParcelForce they ask for a signature.

There appear to be two options. I order Blu-Ray’s from and they’ll fit through the door without a signature or I get some big box with a lock on it and say “put deliveries in here”.

The unspoken third option of “buy it in a shop” – well, that’s just not done is it?

I’d like to think there will be a better solution to all of this in future. I think it may come when I retire.

*edit : 18:34 – I forgot to go to the depot on the way home! Doofus, roll on 7th day!