A little out of sequence as I’ve not blogged any holiday photos yet, but hey ho, on we go. Twas a great Sunday up at Blair Drummond and many of the animals were up for a pose. Here’s a small selection.

This Sea Eagle was most impressive and very kindly sat and let me click away like mad.

The Saker Falcon was even kind enough to stare straight at me for quite a while. Very pretty bird indeed.

Alex the vulture is famous, apparently he was in the film Alexander.

Seeing the vulture flying was great. He swooped right over our heads “so close we could smell him” ™. Not at all easy to snap him in the air, this was the best I managed.

The Steppe Eagle was a grumpy looking beast.

There are few animals as photogenic as the meerkat.

The great thing about Blair Drummond is how easy it is to get shots of the animals. This little fella was just sat in front of me, no cage, no glass. Love it.

The lions were less than entertaining, a lazy Sunday for them. My wife took this as I was driving us through the enclosure. Nice work.

Again, it’s great to be able to get such a close and (reasonably) unencumbered view of the elephants. Fascinating creatures.

Love the bison, couldn’t eat a whole one though. I know, the chat just keeps getting funnier.

Last, and tallest, the giraffe.