Finally got round to posting a selection of photos from the summer holiday. Two things stood out about the photography on this holiday. The first is the number of times I ended up shooting in the middle of the brightest days. We called ourselves “Team Mad Dog” as we always contrived to be out in the midday sun.

Also, there was one photo I didn’t get. Every night we were lucky enough to see the Milky Way. I’d never seen it that clear before, amazing. Sadly, I had no way of getting any shot of it at all. It is now a major goal to try and get some sort of picture of the Milky Way. It’s obvious to see why the ancients got a bit carried about with the stars. I’m not saying that that forgives modern day astrology, but the wonder of the night sky when you are far out at sea in the pitch black really does grab your attention. You may be forgiven by seeing some significance in it, it lieu of science or TV.

Anyway, here’s a selection of the photos I did get from our jaunt round the eastern med.

You can download hi-res versions of these (and more from the holiday) here.

We start our journey on the island of Corfu. This is the old part of the town, photographed from across the harbour.

A sunset at sea is very cool. It’s amazing how quickly the sun disappears as it gets to the horizon. The photo doesn’t show the strength of the wind trying to blow me over.

Predjama Castle in Slovenia. Slovenia is rapidly becoming one of my favourite countries. I expect a return visit.

Not a typical view of Venice. Taken from the water, looking back into St. Mark’s Square.

Korčula in Croatia is reportedly the birth place of Marco Polo. The smirk on the face of the woman in post office when asked by an American tourist if this was true suggests that this is more best in tourism than fact. Nice little place though.

Given last years exploits, I knew I was going to love Dubrovnik. Not the traditional view I took last year, this is a sunset from the bay.

The unexpected highlight of the trip was Kotor in Montenegro. The southern most fjord in the world, leads you into a quaint little town. This is a short video that gives a better vista of the fjord from high up a hill ( worth the climb ).

Back to Corfu. Not a place I warmed to hugely but maybe should have explored more.

As you can see, I became of big fan of sunsets.

I’ve always wanted to to go to Santorini. Not a place that makes a lot of practical sense but it’s very pretty and the view of the caldera from the top is quite something.

It’s not easy getting a good shot of the Parthenon these days. Not at midday surrounded by a million tourists, cranes and fork lift trucks.

Marmaris doesn’t feel all that Turkish. But if you want knock-off gear, it’s the place to be.

Agios Nikolaos itself isn’t much of a treat but it’s a good place from which to explore the rest of Crete.

Kefalonia is a very lovely island. This is Myrtos Beach. Would like to have explored more, some of the island’s interior looked very nice indeed.