A few years ago I did this ranty blog post about the new disastrous trends in language used in business. Well, over 3 years on and guess what? No one listened ( debatable, even, that anyone read! ). In fact, it’s got worse. What can I say, they’ve asked for it, I gave them a chance, here it is, ranty blog post #2.

All this was triggered by a single individual and a single word. We were discussing the simple matter of some text to go on a website. Well, my oh my, apparently the ‘verbage’ hadn’t been agreed yet. Verbage? It’s not even a word! It’s close to ‘verbiage‘ but even that is incorrect in this context. And it doesn’t stop there. We don’t ‘say‘ anything any more we ‘vocalise‘, we don’t share we ‘socialise‘ and am I writing this post? Oh no, I’m ‘authoring‘ it.

There are way too many other examples to quote but I live in constant fear of an aneurysm, so I need to stop on health grounds.

Well, maybe I am becoming an increasingly  grumpy old curmudgeon but I’ve had enough. I’m going to make this perfectly plain. If you try to use words that either don’t exist or are needlessly complex for the situation in an attempt to appear clever – we will all know you are stupid.

Nurse, nurse, my medication!