I’ve been pottering about on Twitter for a few years now but 2010 really felt like it become part of my daily come and go. Whether it was as a simple SMS replacement or a way of making X-Factor entertaining, it has permeated through most aspects of my daily life.

This is obviously as a result of all the lovely people on Twitter who take the time is listen, respond, inform, moan, laugh, share, whatever…

So, here is a special #FollowFriday list of great people you really need to start following in 2011.

As Dermot would say, in no particular order… many thanks and a big #FF to you all… and if I’ve missed anyone, sorry, I’m a wee bit tired! At some point I’ll add a note to each to say who you all are, but for now, I have to recover from the RSI I got putting this all in!

Ma’ Homies

@stuartamdouglas (and, obviously, @obversebooks )
@khev & @smamfa



Groovy Gals


Must-follow Celeb types that make me laugh the most


With big thanks for getting me through X-Factor.