In these cold times, thoughts turn to the warmth of the summer and, perhaps, travelling about Europe in a banger. If you’re feeling cold, why not think about signing up for a banger rally across Europe. Both the Sucata Run and Sucata Split are open for teams to register. In the last few years I’ve been lucky enough to do both and, as my reader will know, I took quite a few pictures along the way.

I had the good fortune of being in the pub yesterday with members of Team General Ignorance and I said I’d make some iPad backgrounds of some of the favourites images from the trips for us all to use. So, why not let everyone have them if they want them. I have the Split image on my iPad and it looks kinda funky.

So,  here is a small selection of iPad wallpapers from some of the destinations you can visit on both Sucata Run and Sucata Split. There is a bigger collection of photos from the trips here and scattered liberally about my internets.

Click on the thumbnail to download a version of the image you can use as an iPad background.



Lake Bled


Dubrovnik (for @aigwilson)





The Beloved Citroen

The Revered Volvo

La Rochelle (for @gordonwd)